"All people I ever might have loved have abandoned me" - Dylan Klebold


Keith Sapsford, 14, Australian, hid in the wheel housing of a Japan Air Lines Tokyo-bound jet in Sydney. John Gilspin, an amateur photographer, was testing his new camera lens as the plane took off and unwittingly caught Keith Sapsford’s 200-foot plunge to death. 1970.


Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Song: Wrap Your Arms Around Me
Artist: The Knife
Album: Shaking the Habitual
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“I did it all for me.  Purely selfish.  I worshiped the art and the act of death, over and over.  It’s as simple as that.  Afterwards it was all sexual confusion, symbolism, honoring the “fallen.”  I was honoring myself.  I hated the decay and the dissection.  There was no sadistic pleasure in the killing.  I killed them as I would like to be killed myself, enjoying the extremity of the death act itself.  If I did it to myself I could only experience it once.  If I did it to others, I could experience the death act over and over again.”

- Dennis Nilsen