“Just because your mumsy and dadsy told you blood and violence is bad, you think it’s a fucking law of nature? Wrong.”

— Eric Harris (via sweet-killers)


Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho


 As befits a man who himself became the subject of many gruesome jokes, Dahmer would sometimes try to break the monotony by kidding around with guards and inmates. “I bite,” he would warn. Once he even reportedly posted a sign on the prison bulletin board for a “Cannibals Anonymous” meeting; it was swiftly removed. He was temporarily fired from his job after impersonating a staff member on the telephone. “He had a very interesting sense of humor,” says Wisconsin prison system spokesman Joseph Scislowicz. 


so happy now

Peter Woodcock brutally murdered three young children in Toronto, Canada while he was still a teenager. He was admitted into a psychiatric facility and was given the diagnosis as a psychopath. The Toronto Star referred to him as “the serial killer they couldn’t cure” because treatment programs were not working for him and he murdered a patient in 1991. 

He had somewhat of a troubled upbringing. He was born to a 17 year old factory worker who gave him up for adoption. He bounced from foster home to foster home, where he was physically abused in one. He was eventually taken in by a wealthy family who paid for therapy, private schools, bikes and therapy.

When he hit puberty, he’d ride his bike around Toronto, imagining himself as a gang leader, but in actuality, he sexually assaulted children in Parkdale and Cabbagetown. This would lead to the murder of three young children.

Peter Woodcock says the treatment programs he was given in the psychiatric facility only helped make him more adept at manipulation. He died there at the age of 71.