“It’s just my family, I don’t know, they’re just kinda really… I guess this is really selfish to say but to me, I felt like they were suffocating me in a way.”

Jake Evans, in a 911 call he made after he murdered his mother and sister. (via villainous-murderers)


"This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you."

- TJ Lane


Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted to destroy Columbine High School. In the basement tapes, 5 videotapes which total over 3 hours in length, they stated that their plan to shoot at Columbine was not ”copycat” or influenced by other school shootings.

In 1997, Eric wrote a paper titled ”Guns in school”. He wrote about the attack by Michael Carneal which occured at Heath High School in Kentucky. 3 students were killed in the shooting. After Westside Middle School shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Eric and Dylan started making their plans for their own shooting. While Eric and Dylan were working on their plans to attack their school, Kip Kinkel killed 2 and wounded 25 at his own school in Springfield, Oregon.

“I crave space. It charges my batteries. It helps me breathe. Being around people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take and barely know how to give. Except for a rare few.”

Kacvinsky, Katie - 
First Comes Love (via volaream)

“Just because your mumsy and dadsy told you blood and violence is bad, you think it’s a fucking law of nature? Wrong.”

— Eric Harris (via sweet-killers)